Author Dyanne Brown

C360_2015-11-11-20-00-59-138I fell in love with books before I ever picked up a pen. Any weekend could find me in the library searching for another adventure in the form of black words on white paper. Books were my escape from the world into the mind of characters.

Then one day, I started hearing voices. One may think that is a sign that something is wrong, but these voices belong to characters who were pleading with me to write their story. And, so it began.

I am a slave to the characters. I write their words, describe their worlds and express their truths. In the process, I find my own. Writing proves to be a way that I work through my own personal stuff. I also write poetry which is another way to express my thoughts and feelings independent of the characters. It’s dissecting my world and using language to express my view and growth.

I have also dedicated my life to personal growth. I believe everything that happens in my life is a lesson designed to help me grow into a better person. I have chosen a spiritual path. The way I use this blog and the type of articles I share are generally an introspective look into what is going on in my life or what is going on it the news. I share what I find and learn in an effort to help others process the world and what they are going through by sharing what I am going through. It’s my little way of giving back.

This is my little corner of the Universe. Thank you for visiting and welcome!