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The Lonely Wives Book: Jade   


Jade has taken over the duties of running the Lonely Wives Book Club since Raven and Micah moved away. She is also going through a difficult divorce with her soon-to-be-ex-husband, Lance, who insisted on keeping their children for the summer. Jade finds herself without her children or her best friend and with newfound freedom. She meets a stranger who presents her with the opportunity to explore a sexual world she knew nothing about and Jade falls down the rabbit hole. But, she finds it impossible to balance her needs with the needs of all the men in her life who demand her attention. Fun comes with a price. Meanwhile, the neighborhood is rocked by another scandal.

Kindle: $8.97 Paperback: $15.97

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This book is intended for mature audiences

The Lonely Wives Book Club: Raven


(Fiction)THe Lonely Wives book Club1

When Raven married Desmond, she assumed she would have the ideal suburban life. She never expected to spend her days and nights alone while her husband spent his time working or with his mistress. After three years, Raven was resigned to being lonely. Her equally-neglected yard brought a handsome, young man named Micah to her back door. Raven hired Micah as a landscaper, but their smoldering affair made him caretaker of her body and heart as well.

Raven feared her possessive husband would find out about her lover, so with the help of her neighbor, Jade, they created a Book Club as an excuse for Raven to see Micah. As other lonely housewives learned about Raven’s boy toy, they also wanted their own “landscapers” to tend their gardens. The Book Club became base of operations as Raven and Micah, supplied more young men for the women in the neighborhood for a fee.

Desmond has his own drama going on trying to balance his business and his chaotic relationship with his mistress, Harper. As things heat up in both relationships, Raven and Desmond are unable to meet the demands and eventually, everything comes crashing down in a dangerous and dramatic way.

Kindle: $8.97  Paperback: $15.97
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This book is intended for mature audiences


Designer Babies



Scientific advances give prospective parents the ability to choose the genetic makeup of their children. After losing their child to a virus, a family is also given the option to create an exact duplicate of their child to serve as a surrogate if that child needs life-sustaining measures in the future. Fast-forward 19 years and the twins are unaware that one of them was born to die for her sister. They find out over one weekend and everything changes.


Kindle: $0.99 

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Somebody is Watching Me: Episode 1     

A collectionof dream poemsand thoughts


The year is 2020 and the government has implanted every human being on Earth with a chip that broadcast transmissions of their thoughts. Communication moves as fast as the speed of thought and crime is almost nonexistent. Channel Live takes advantage of this technology to broadcast the lives of every person through their own reality show. Every person has a channel that records the daily details of their life through their own eyes.

Athena Powers works as a top salesperson at Channel Live selling advertising for Human Channels. She is asked to train the newest employee, Drake Stone. Drake provides more information than he has come to receive. His revelations change everything Athena knows about Channel Live and how they plan to use the technology in ways that could harm everyone.

Kindle: $0.99 

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Rude Awakening 

A Novel by Amanda ClevengerRude Awakening is a collection of poetry that erupted from the spiritual awakening process which, can only be described, as a “dark night of the soul’. It was the tearing down on beliefs and rebuilding of a soul to awaken to the truth of how you are floating unguided through life.

$8.97 on Amazon Kindle

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Who Am I to Be Brilliant, Gorgeous, Talented & Famous 

Who AM I(Poetry)

Who am I to be Brilliant, Gorgeous, Talented and Famous is a collection of inspirational poetry detailing the journey to self-love. It’s an examination of how we view ourselves through the eyes of the world instead of believing in the love that already exists within all of us.

Kindle: $8.97 Paperback: $14.97

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Lost in My Own Skin  

LOSTIn MYlost (1)
“Lost in My Own Skin” is a collection of poetry that touches on the thoughts and feelings a person experiences in the journey to find their place in the world. It’s about relationships, love, pain and learning how to define yourself. There are so many outside influences that shape our character. The true struggle is to retain your soul and not forget who you are.

Kindle: $8.97  Paperback: $10.97
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