Happy Rebirth-day

Something happened to me today at 11:18 a.m. I read inspirational blogs when I wake up. It helps me get into the right mind-state for the day. One of my favorites is, “The Daily Love“. Today, I went back and read a post by Kute Blackson, called, “The Law of Oneness: Beyond the Law of Attraction. It talks about how if we are trying to attract or manifest in our lives that we have to been convinced that we are separate from the Source. Blackson talks about how we are never actually separated. Separation is an illusion. We are ONE with everything. We are infinite.

To break it down, the Source  created the earth and everything in it using energy. Our bodies are energy. Our connection to the Source is energy. We are infinitely connected to the Source, everyone and everything around us. The Source receives our energy and sends back exactly what we request. It doesn’t distinguish between negative and positive energy. Negative energy or suffering comes from believing that the Source  exists outside of us and we have to do something to attract good things to ourselves.

As I read this, I became aware that I am connected to the Source at all times. It is an energy that I am apart of. It’s not something that I have to earn through my goodness. I am sending it energy and it is responding in kind. It is something that is with me everyday. It is something that is with everyone. One of my favorite words is Namaste, which can translate to mean, “the spirit in me respects the spirit in you.” While reading this blog, I felt this calmness come over me.

“As you remember what you are, there is no need to struggle, because you realize it isn’t you that has to ‘make life happen.’  Life was happening before we were born and will continue even when we are gone”- Kute Blackson

What happened on 11/18/11 at 11:18 a.m. is that I stopped trying. I’ve spent all this time and research trying to be someone that attracts good things. I was trying to forget my past. I was trying to be positive and reduce negative energy. I was trying instead of surrendering and remembering. When I read his post, I got it. It suddenly clicked to me. My past is not my burden. It’s not my cross to bear.Until today, my past was in a trunk that I carried around on my back. Whenever someone questioned my feelings or didn’t understand me, I unpacked it and setup my table with timelines and diagrams as if it was an explanation. I used my past as my excuse for not doing something different. I can choose to carry it and allow it to shape my life. Or it can simply be a moment in time and I can leave it there. I was born connected to the Source. It has never left me. It has guided me and protected me through all of the things that have shaped who I am. I am not without. I just didn’t know that I was plugged in. I don’t have to jump through hoops and try to be anything. I already am.

It’s my rebirth-day. I am shaking off all those fears and beliefs that I thought ruled my life. I am remembering that I was born into this world as a loving person with immense potential and I have remained that way. I made the mistake of allowing the illusion of culture, fear and politics (which are made up things) to convince me otherwise. My life story starts today and every moment after that. Each morning, I have the opportunity to change anything I want. So do you.


  1. “I used my past as my excuse for not doing something different. I can choose to carry it and allow it to shape my life. Or it can simply be a moment in time and I can leave it there.”

    Very wise. I do think that all of our experiences shape our characters in some respect, but they do not control our lives — our responses to our experiences are far more important than the experiences themselves.

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