You Always Get What You Are Looking For

I was watching a show where they were talking about relationships. One man on the show was complaining about how every woman he meets is negative and always starting fights with him. He was generalizing that all women emasculate men and refuse to pay for anything. He seemed to have an overly negative attitude towards women. Another man made a valid point that went largely ignored by the complaining man. He said, “with all the women that we date of different races, different backgrounds and different lifestyles, what is the common bond among all of them? It is the man. It is you. So what is about you that continues to attract these negative women.” The man dismissed his comment.

There is a strong truth in what was said. We are in the middle of all of our drama. What we believe we attract to us what we think should be in our world, even if it’s negative. The man believes that all women emasculate men, are not supportive and argumentative, so that is the type of woman that he continues to attract. He is putting it out into the Universe and the Universe is responding. I’m using the Universe in place of religious names. Whatever you focus on expands. If you focus on the negative, you get more of it. If you focus on the positive, you get more of it. Therefore, you will always get exactly what you are looking for. If you expect a fight, you will attract one. If you expect difficulty and suffering, you will be presented with opportunities and make choices that support that belief.

“Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want to happen”

So, you change your thoughts. You say to yourself, “I believe that women are good, sweet and supportive. I will meet a woman that I never argue with.” To think that you will never argue is unrealistic. But, what happens next? You meet a woman that is so nice, so sweet and you never argue, but you don’t love her either and you can’t figure out why? It’s because she is not authentic and neither are you. She has learned to play a role and be whatever you think you want. The Universe sends you the false situation that you requested. Or, if you didn’t really change your thinking and are just secretly waiting for her to be argumentative, you will find out that she really is. You will get into a disagreement and the Incredible Hulk will jump out of the body of this sweet, loving woman that you’ve been dating for months. You will tell yourself, “see? I was right. This is what I mean.” The truth is that you are always right. What you ask for, you will receive. You have to tune into what are you asking for.

It’s more than changing your thoughts. The Universe acts on vibrations and energy. Despite what you say, it acts off the intensity of the thoughts. Fear is as strong as love to the Universe so it will act equally on either. If you say, “I am scared to death that I will find myself in a relationship with a horrible woman.” You have just placed an order with the Universe for the very thing you are afraid of. She will show up in your life looking like love. However, if you love yourself deeply and you tell yourself, “I deserve a woman that will love me, respect me and love me as she would love herself and I am ready to be everything she needs.” Ding, order up! But, you have to feel it deep in your soul so the vibration is authentic. Your blessings won’t come until you are ready. Being ready for them means that you have to be fully aligned. Your mind, soul and energy has to be prepared. What you pray for has to be clear and authentic. You can’t fake it and expect to get what you want. You have to examine your thoughts and figure out what vibrational messages you are sending out.You have to believe that good things are meant to happen to you. Stop choosing heartache and suffering and choose love and abundance.

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” ― Henry Ford

It’s easy to blame the people that come into your life, but you are the magnet dragging them into it. They are there to show you what you think about yourself. What negative prayers are you sending out? Are you focusing on what you don’t want or don’t have? Can you shift your focus to what you do what? Can you shift from fear thoughts to love thoughts? Can you believe that the Universe wants you to be happy?