Do You Follow Your Inner GPS?

I’ve been thinking a lot about flow. Yesterday was another scorching hot day. It’s easy to be miserable while out in the heat on a day like yesterday. I was excited because I went to a pool. I dipped into the water and my body floated. I felt cool and relaxed. There were people around me splashing and enjoying themselves, but I felt relaxed. Water has an ability to be calming and flows. It can also be rushing, but it still flows. It goes the direction it is going and that is it . It made me think about life and intuition.

Some people call intuition the voice of God. It’s also been called your conscience.  I think it’s our inner GPS that is guiding us in the right direction. When you ignore it, you find yourself on the wrong road and going the wrong way. The great thing about it is that it is always re-calculating and finding the road to get you back on track. When you feel lost, you can get anxious and  paranoid  and tell yourself that the GPS is wrong. You might ignore it and decide that you know a better way to get there. You may find yourself more lost than before. In the midst of all that, you are missing the entire ride. You are so busy trying to get to where you think you need to be that you completely miss the scene outside your window or enjoy where you are. You don’t hear the songs on the radio. You miss the deer on the side of the road. You are so stuck on getting to your destination that you miss the journey. Even on the wrong road, there is something to experience and learn.

“The only real valuable thing is intuition.”- Albert Einstein

Your life is being guided. There are people who appear in your life to give you information or help you move to the next level by breaking down some of your walls. If you resist them, mistrust them or tune out your GPS, you will keep missing your road. You will find yourself circling around and around the same roads trying to find the one street that can get you to where you need to be. There is a flow to our lives. If you trust your inner guidance, you may find that your destination is somewhere even greater than you thought. Home is not a place that you have to get to. It’s within you. You make your home, it is a sanctuary inside you when you start trusting that everything is working in your favor. Be fluid and go with the flow.