Why You Need to Trust Your Inner GPS?

“I feel there are two people inside me – me and my intuition. If I go against her, she’ll screw me every time, and if I follow her, we get along quite nicely.” – Kim Basinger

There is one thing in my life that I always trust– my intuition. Over the years, I have learned that it always steers me in the right direction. In the past, when I ignored it, it always landed me somewhere I didn’t want to be. I think of it as inner GPS or as my spirit guide. I consult it when I’m not sure what is the right next step.

For me, intuition is usually the initial reaction to something. It either comes as a thought or it comes as a strong feeling. Sometimes, it’s a dream. Then there are times, it’s a whisper or just a knowing. It’s hard to explain. It a gentle guidance that comes from nowhere, with no reason, but with a promise. It feels like support. I feels like love.  It’s like being encircled by arms that say, “everything is going to be okay.”

Whatever you think about intuition, I believe that we all possess it. I think our morals are rooted in our intuition. I think that no matter what you choose to do that as some point, intuition will consult you and tell you the best thing to do. Even when you are going to do something that you know isn’t good for you, there is a momentary meeting in your mind where you know that you have another option. You have to override or ignore that voice. If you life has been full of missteps and bad decisions, maybe you have avoided your intuition.

Sometimes, I wonder if when we don’t listen to our intuition if we knock ourselves out of alignment. Maybe, things were set in motion and were expected to play out a certain way and by ignoring our intuition, we won’t be where we should be. I do believe that it’s an inner connection to the divine. I think women’s intuition is especially strong. If a woman can open her heart and submit to her intuition, she will always know what she needs to know.  We, often, doubt ourselves or allow people to convince us that we are wrong or crazy. But, I believe it is our gift.

I believe that anyone can tap into it when you want. It’s the knowing without knowing how you know. So, the next time you don’t know what to do, consult and trust your intuition. Wait for that small voice or that feeling that makes sense. What if intuition is your inner guidance system? The great thing about intuition is that it is similar to a GPS. When you ignore it and go down your own road, it will simply recalculate and figure out how to get you where you need to be. It’s always working for you and with you to give you the best life possible.

” Built into you is an internal guidance system that shows you the way home. All you need to do is heed the voice.” –Neale Donald Walsch