Are You Repelling Money from Your Life?

“Money is congealed energy, and releasing it releases life’s possibilities”- Joseph Campbell

Did you know that you relationship with your money is a reflection of things you believe about yourself? I’m reading a great book called, “The Energy of Money: A Spiritual Guide to Financial and Personal Fullfillment” by Maria Nemeth.

The book describes how money is another form of energy in your life. We tend to look at money as a concrete fact in our lives, but the reality is that our relationship to our money is another reflection of our inside beliefs. The book talks about how your relationship with your money is often similar to other relationships in your life.

For example, if you are someone who is wasteful with your money then you are more likely to also be wasteful with your time, neglectful in your friendships and more focused on your own pleasure.

Another example is if you are someone who is a penny pincher then you are more likely to be controlling with your time and in your friendships. You are also more restrictive in your daily life.

For many of us, money is a discussion we avoid having and source of anxiety. Some people don’t even know where their money is going and what they are spending it on because we would rather not know than to understand the reality of our own responsibility for our money issues. The same lack of consciousness can be played out in other areas of our lives which is why money can play a large part in relationships. Often, the couple is not just fighting about the money, but their partner’s lack of consciousness or hyper-focus on money.

The reality is that money is apart of the energy of your life. What you focus on, expands. If you focus on your lack of money, then you attract lack into your life. If you speak broke-ness into your life, you will experience it. If you manage your money with fear, you will experience continued fear with your finances. If your relationship to your money is that it eludes you, scares you or if you feel it is something you need to control, you are not going to be comfortable with the flow of money in your life. Instead, you should look at your money as a team member in your goals of life. Money is not against you. It’s an energy tool that the Universe can use to help you create the life that you believe you deserve.

Take a moment to think about your relationship with money. It’s time to start repairing it and changing your perspective about the role money plays in your life. It’s time to look at it as a friend that wants to help rather than something that is seeking to abandon you. Rich people have faith that they will always have the money they need and they do what it necessary to grow and keep their money. They see wealth as a member of the family and a source of freedom. How do you see your money?

“We are channels that move money and other forms of energy in the direction of our dreams so we can bring them to fruition”- Maria Nemeth