Why You Need to Express Yourself

We are moving into Spring and I’m already starting to feel the fog come on. I spent most of yesterday sleepy. Anyone who has allergies knows what I am talking about.

Here is what I’ve been thinking about lately. I read a very interesting blog post on my favorite blog, The Daily Love.  The post was of a woman expressing how a healer in Bali identified her problem for her: “He calmly informed me that my lack of self expression is significantly affecting my well-being – and that if I do not reconnect to and express my passion, the consequences will only increase.” 

I couldn’t help but think about self-expression and how it affects us. I’m one of those people who holds everything in. I deny my feelings and over-think in almost every situation. I’m working at trying to be better at this. I’ve taken to expressing myself more and acknowledging my feelings. I work through my over-thinking by writing. I realize that if I didn’t have writing as an outlet that I would have gone off the deep end a long time ago. I’ve always written. It was either in a journal or stories, but I feel better when I channel my frustration into some form of art.

I think we need self-expression and it’s different for every person. It’s our way of processing the world. This is mine, but I do believe that everyone has some type of talent. If it’s not art, it might be in the business world or being in service. Everyone has something to give. I, often, think about how there was a time when someone would say, “I’m a Philosopher.” It was their job to spend all day thinking about life and putting the pieces together to share with everyone else. It sounds like a great job for an over-thinker like me. But, there is less value placed on it. If you listen to the world about what is important, most people end up not using their talents.

I talk to people all the time who tell me they don’t do what they love. They go to work, come home, watch television and go to bed. Many of us are finding our happiness elsewhere with distractions instead of cultivating the actual thing we are meant to do. We are not using that built-in light that makes us happy. We put it off until later, but later never comes. The children grow up, you retire and you are thinking about pursuing that thing you love, but your time is never guaranteed. If you can incorporate your love in your daily life, you won’t miss a moment.

Sometimes, I think, what if you are the key to something we are waiting for? What if the next great musical genius is convinced that he should be a lawyer? What if the person who could cure cancer couldn’t get money to go to school and is working as an assistant? What if the next great orator is languishing on unemployment? If we don’t cater to our own self-expression, does the world miss out? That’s my thought to ponder today. What do you think?