A Positive Way to Deal With Betrayal

“the people you love can surprise you every day… maybe who we are isn’t so much about what we do, but rather what we’re capable of when we least expect it.”― Jodi Picoult

Life is full of surprises. Some bad. Some good. The past couple days have been full of surprises for me. I’ve seen the good that people can do and I’ve seen the bad that people can do at the same time.

I recently moved and I had people show up to help me. It wasn’t surprising that they showed up, but it was heartwarming that they gave it their best effort. Even if you may know in your heart that people love you, I believe that you can give them moments to demonstrate their love. I’ve known a few people who say, “I don’t ask anyone for anything.” I used to be one of them. But, I realized that people need to feel needed and some of them want to show up for you. I didn’t always ask people to help me, because I was afraid of being disappointed. I knew I could count on me. But, what I am learning is that people will show up. It might not be every time, but it’s important to ask. If they say no, then I can do it myself.

The other surprising thing was a disagreement between a family member and my beloved over some of his possessions. We had many ways to resolve the issue which would’ve escalated the situation and created a tense relationship between the two. After sharing his disappointment in the situation, we both decided to let it go. We decided that the items weren’t that important. It’s my personal belief that when you lose something, you gain something better. I convinced my beloved to let the matter go and he agreed.

As we sat down a moment later, I watched him bow his head. I was pleasantly surprised. He prayed for us. He was thankful for all that we received in the help and for our new place. Then he prayed for the family member he had the disagreement with. Not only, did he pray for the softening of his heart, but he prayed for his prosperity. He asked God to open his heart and allow him to know that there is more for him. I believe when you can pray for the people who have done you harm in some way that you lift the burden of anger in your heart.

People can surprise us. We have to remember that we are capable of so much more kindness than cruelty. Do not allow the actions of others to change who you are.

“You can heal yourself when you’ve filled the hole left behind by a betrayal, and you can heal the other person when you sincerely drop the need for revenge.”- Deepak Chopra


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