Why You Are More Beautiful than You Know

Yesterday, I watched a powerful video from Dove. It’s a campaign called, “Dove Beauty Sketches”.

In the video, women describe themselves to a sketch artist who creates  a picture based on their description. At the same time, the women are asked to describe another woman and the sketch artist creates a picture based on their description of the other women. Later, it is revealed that each woman has two sketches of herself, one created through her description and one created through the description of a stranger. The differences are remarkable.

It’s interesting how differently we see ourselves than how we are seen by others. Strangers are more apt to see our beauty and our positive attributes than we are. You have to wonder why is that? Beautiful women will often point out what is wrong with their appearance or point to a period in their life where they felt less than beautiful. People often don’t realize their own talents and abilities. Why are we less accepting of our own beauty, power and magnificence?

Watch the video:



Think about yourself. What do you tell yourself about your own beauty?

Is it time to reevaluate what you tell yourself?

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