How to Stop Worrying about Money

My whole mindset has been changed by reading a book. I was a self-proclaimed, “worry-wort”. As I’ve learned more about consciousness, I have calmed down much of the worry, but there was always something that I kept worrying about. What I didn’t realize is that this worry was bleeding into all other areas of my life and affecting my thoughts and decisions. As long as I continued to worry about it, I was killing all my good efforts at consciousness. I was constantly worried about money.

I have read Deepak Chopra’s book, “Creating Affluence: The A-to-Z Steps to Creating a Richer Life”. It has changed my life and my whole way of thinking. I have a new mantra that I’ve taken from the book. Chopra quotes a Vedic seers that says, I do not worry about the past and I am not fearful of the future because my life is supremely concentrated in the present, and the right response comes to me, to every situation as it occurs.” 

I can honestly say this is true and has occurred in my life. When I was really doing something that was important, money found a way. I also learned that money is just a means to happiness and we are meant to be happy. If we chase the happiness, the money will come because the Universe supports our pursuit of happiness. The most powerful statement in the book that struck me is that our world is energy. We are energy. Material things are energy. Money is energy. Money is made of the same energy as we are. In the support of our happiness, the Universe will send us the energy we need. This means that money will come to us when we need it.

Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean that you can sit on your behind and wait for your bank account to grow. You have to seek your happiness. You have to do the thing that you love and the money will come. It requires that you believe that you deserve it. This is where we have the biggest problem. Some of us have been conditioned to believe that lack of money is apart of our social makeup. It’s not true. Money is energy and energy doesn’t discriminate against anyone. Also, the Universe gives you what you focus on. If you focus on the money that you don’t have, you will get more of “not having money.” If you feel abundant and affluent, then you will attracting more money to support that belief. I’ve watched this at play in my life and in friends’ lives. When I was younger, my Mom told me a story about how she wanted to buy our childhood home. My parents didn’t have enough for the down payment and closing costs. My parents played the lottery almost every day, but hardly ever won anything. The day before closing, they won the lottery in the exact amount that they needed for the down payment. My mother claimed the ticket, went straight to closing. Coincidence? Possibly, or it could be the Universe supporting their happiness. I’ve seen a similar scenario play out in a close friend’s life, so I know it’s not a coincidence.

There are several steps in the book that add to the enlightenment and understanding of wealth consciousness. It’s more than money so I recommend the book. Now, I’ve realized that worry about money affected my self-worth, happiness and my ability to enjoy life. It also bought me more reasons to worry. Chopra says, “You may have one million dollars in the bank, but if you think all the time about money, if you have concern about it, if you worry about it – about getting more, about not having enough, about losing it- then irrespective of the dollar amount you possess, you are poor.” 

There are some people who won’t agree because their past conditioning won’t allow them to believe. There are some people who will try to find exceptions to the rule to prove this theory wrong. I can understand the resistance. I will admit that I think I found this book now because I was ready to accept it.  But, I fully believe that if we change our energy and our beliefs that we change our lives. If money is abundance and energy from the Universe than it, like us, is infinite and divine. It helps me sleep at night to believe it. The ability to not worry is like money in the bank to me.

Can you think of times when you were trying to do something and it all just fell into place? How has the Universe supported your happiness? Could you change your focus from not having to believing that you will have everything you need?