Hold On! Help is on The Way


In life, we hit plateaus. There will come a moment when everything that you’ve done before won’t work any longer. In those moments, you have two choices: try something different or surrender. When I say surrender, I don’t mean give up. I mean that you surrender and allow the Universe to work in your favor. You put your faith in the belief that this situation is meant to be resolved. If it’s a long-term problem, it may require you to try something completely different. You may have to step outside of your comfort zone and do something completely different. At other times, you may have to do both. You may have to try something different and then surrender and allow it to be resolved.

Most people give up right before it’s about to get better. They stop believing or having faith that the resolution is coming. They lose hope. Sometimes, the problem is that we are expecting the resolution to look the way we think it should. We can get caught up in what we want the outcome to be and miss the signs that the resolution is coming. I believe that the Universe is going to give you everything that you’ve been dealing with before it gives you the thing you want. You are going to get everything plus the kitchen sink, but if you can hold on and learn the lesson then you can get to resolution. If you say you want change, be prepared for the test. You can’t graduate until you pass the test. Hold on.