It’s Not Just About What You Think, It’s Also About How You Feel

“Get clear on how you want to feel & make your life about generating those feelings.” @DanielleLaPorte

The TDL Extravaganza, a series of interviews with Mastin Kipp and spiritual warriors, has been occurring all this week. I snagged the above quote from one of the speakers, Danielle LaPorte. I was intrigued by thinking about concentrating on how I want to feel and creating that feeling in my life.

Most of the time, we create distractions in our life to avoid facing our feelings. But, you can’t change your life without changing how you feel about things. Feeling is the second ingredient in manifesting. First, you have to believe and then you have to feel. When your beliefs and feelings are expecting pain, you get plenty of pain in your life.

If you’ve worked on your beliefs, but you still find yourself in incredibly painful situations it’s time to look at how you feel. Do you feel like life will change for you? If you tense up at the thought of change, you are signaling to the Universe that you are not ready. While you believe you want something different to happen, you are still feeling the disappointment in preparation. What happens? You are disappointed and then you have proven yourself right.

Get clear on how you want to feel. What would it feel like to not be disappointed? What would it feel like to be in a faithful, loving relationship? What would it feel like not to worry about your mortgage because you have more than enough money? What would it feel like to work for yourself? What would it feel like to be happy and secure?

You have to believe that it can happen, place the vision in your mind and then feel it in your body as if you have it. Then, you have to go out and do the things that support the feeling. Allow your feelings to guide you toward the happiness. Let those feelings be the proof that you are on the right path.